Administration of the Responsible Car Wash scheme will be undertaken by a not for profit company controlled by the Downstream Fuel Association (DFA), under a separate company named the Responsible Car Wash Company.

The DFA has a long standing relationship with a number of supermarkets and companies involved in both wholesale and retail activities relating to transport fuel in the UK. Supermarkets are just one of the many locations that hand-car washes operate from and they are keen to ensure their operators always follow best practice.

With supermarkets being the founder members of the scheme, the DFA were the natural partners to work with. Independent and experienced, the DFA can provide an objective view whilst also ensuring engagement with the correct authorities.

The Responsible Car Wash Company will be governed by a Board of Directors. The governance of the scheme is illustrated below.

The role, duties and responsibilities of the Scheme will be monitored by an Advisory Panel drawn from accredited members, landowners (e.g. supermarkets), government agencies and regulators,  the charity Unseen and other industry stakeholders.

Members of the Advisory Panel will have a duty to:
Understand how the Code of Practice operates
Understand the needs of the participants, and to support, develop, promote, and uphold the values of the Scheme
If representing a landowner or franchise operator, ensure that accreditation to the Scheme is a requirement for all car wash operations carried out at the premises of the represented business or undertaken by partner businesses; and
If representing an operator, ensure that such operator complies with the Code of Practice at all times

The Chair of the Advisory Panel will be appointed by the members of the Panel and they meet quarterly to strategically review and appraise the Scheme. The Advisory Panel will establish Sub-Panels to address specific tasks and to bring recommendations to the Advisory Panel in relation to improving how the Scheme operates.

The Code of Practice will be maintained by the Standards Panel and the Risk Panel will oversee the audit/compliance strategy and facilitate the sharing of intelligence between stakeholders.

Standards Panel
The Code will be reviewed by the Standards Panel on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects statutory requirements and current industry best practice. Membership of the Standards Panel will be open to industry stakeholders, operators and regulators.

Risk Panel

Membership of the Risk Panel will be limited to regulators and the Scheme Administrator. The Scheme’s audit regime, including when an audit is undertaken, will be determined by the Risk Panel whose membership will include the GLAA, regulators, and the police.  A key function of the Risk Panel will be the gathering of market intelligence which will be used to develop a risk profile of locations, operators and areas of non-compliance.

The Scheme Administrator will also share information from audits, which will assist the regulators to assess the efficacy of the Scheme and identify where they may need to target their investigative resources in high risk areas.