The Code of Practice is wide ranging and encompasses general car washing practice, protection of the environment, health & safety, customer experience, financial transparency and corporate governance as well as workers’ rights, conditions and pay.

The Scheme will enable customers to identify a compliant car wash operator, who will display the Responsible Car Wash Scheme (RCWS) logo and has committed to:

Looks after their workers

Respect the environment

Trades legally

Care for their customers

In order for an operator to display the Responsible Car Wash Operator logo and be registered on the Scheme for consumers to find, they must agree to adhere to the Scheme’s Code of Practice at all times.

The Code is comprehensive and covers all the statutory and legal requirements that are required in the operation of a car wash.  The Scheme administrator can assist operators but each section of the Code provides links to relevant regulator websites where information is provided.  Each section of the Code additionally acts as a resource that operators can use.

The Code of Practice is broken down into several sections and a Responsible Car Wash Operator must adhere to all regulation and legislation to be accredited. If an operator is running a compliant business, they should be easily able to meet the Code of Practice and achieve accreditation. Consumers expect, and deserve, a fully compliant and legal car wash but additionally, following the Code in full ensures that operators are acting legally across all areas of their business.

This section of the website outlines all areas of the Code, each heading is hyperlinked to a specific page on each individual section of the Code. Here operators can find details of what they must adhere to both from a statutory and legal standpoint (including relevant website links to regulators). For operators to apply for Scheme recognition, a pro-forma will need to be completed. This will be emailed to operators on registration.

The Code of Practice has six sections which are as follows:

Have consent to trade Operate with full financial transparency and good Corporate Governance Provide safe and hygienic working conditions
Protect the Environment Operate compliant and ethical employment practices Operate Good Car Washing Practices

In each section Operators can find links to legislation as well as advice and best practice.