The process of offering a customer service in exchange for payment requires adhering to various legal requirements around pricing and service terms.

It is expected that operators will be able to demonstrate that:

  • They deliver a guaranteed level of service for a publicised transparent price
  • Clearly displayed pricing structures, including VAT charges if applicable, is visible to customers
  • Clear and accurate information about the trader’s name, registered address and contact details is available for customers to see
  • Provide terms and conditions that are clear and fair for all customers (retail and trade customers)
  • Adhere to the requirements of health and safety law

Responsible car wash owners agree to operate with the highest level of professionalism when cleaning and looking after customers’ vehicles, including:

  • Exercising utmost care in the cleaning and valeting process
  • Performing customer contracts fully and professionally, and preferably allowing customers to pre-book services
  • Allowing customers to pay electronically (e.g. via credit/debit card, online payment facilities etc.)
  • Having a clear customer complaints, escalation and grievance process, and include a reasonable time-frame for resolution
  • Using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, without using acid or acid-based products, to safeguard the employees’ personal safety and welfare