Registered car wash owners will provide safe and hygienic working conditions meeting all statutory requirements, including under health and safety law, (Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 & Health and safety regulation guide) as well as the Working Time Regulations and the Working Time Directive (The Working Time Regulations 1998 & ACAS – Advice & Guidance).

Operators will need to demonstrate the following including that, where appropriate, they meet the necessary legislation:

  • The right workplace facilities are provided including:
  • That they have carried out a risk assessment
  • Adequate welfare facilities for all employees, including toilets, free drinking water, facilities for changing clothes and hygienic storage facilities for food preparation and consumption
  • Somewhere for workers to take breaks and eat meals
  • Ensuring the working environment is safe and clean
  • Ensuring workers don’t smoke within the workplace (e.g. wash area) or near other workers or customers

Provisions are made in regard to First Aid, Accidents and Ill-health (Heath & Safety Legislation):

Workers are safeguarded:

  • The car wash is free from any form of harassment, physical abuse or discipline, verbal abuse, bullying or any other form of intimidation / mistreatment (or threat of) (Equality and Discrimination).
  • All workers over the age of 18 doing shifts longer than 6 hours are given at least one uninterrupted break of a minimum of 20 minutes (workers under the age of 18 are entitled to more breaks) and that all workers over 18 get one day off in 7 (workers under the age of 18 are entitled to 2 days off in seven) (Rest breaks at work).

Personal & protective equipment is provided and used (Risk at Work – Personal protective equipment (PPE)):

  • Where health and safety risks cannot be controlled in any other way, personal and protective equipment must be provided. It can include items such as waterproof and high visibility clothing, gloves, eye protection and suitable footwear that is waterproof and has toe protection.

The Operators site is correctly set up and with the correct equipment:

Health & Safety training (Health & Safety Training Guide):

  • Clear instructions and information must be provided, and adequate training completed, for all employees.
  • Introductory and ongoing training records for all workers should be kept detailing the date and what has been training received.
  • No charge may be made for providing health and safety training and workers must be paid for their time undertaking training.